Notification of Awards

The Office of Financial Aid will notify you through your MSU email account when your aid package is established or changed. Newly admitted students may also receive an award notification in the mail.

To view and take action on your financial aid awards:

  1. Activate your MSU NetID and password. Instructions are provided by IT Services.
  2. Login to StuInfo.
  3. Consent to conduct financial aid business electronically. This consent is part of StuInfo. Since our electronic processes are faster and more accurate than other means of communication, we encourage you to consent. For more information, see our video which explains how to complete the "eConsent" process.
  4. Share your information (optional). If you want your parent(s) or spouse to have access to certain features of StuInfo, see our page on online guest authorization.
  5. View your awards. From the StuInfo main menu, select "Financial Aid (check your aid)" under Quick Links, then choose the appropriate aid year. Your awards will be listed on the "View your financial aid" page.

Revision and cancellation of awards

Financial aid awards may be revised for any of the following reasons:

  • Your residency has changed.
  • Your enrollment status has changed.
  • You have declined one or more awards.
  • We have been notified that you received other aid or had other resources (Veteran's Benefits, MET, etc.) of which we were unaware when the previous awards were made.
  • Your data and/or your parent data on the FAFSA was incorrect and the error has been corrected.
  • Your summer financial aid has been processed.

If you have questions about why an award was changed, please contact our office.