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Frequently Asked Questions - Medical Students

Budgets are increased for inflation yearly, using the Consumer Price Index as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics.

Are the funds expecting single or shared occupancy of an apartment?

Housing is calculated using the average cost of a single occupancy East Lansing apartment.


Does the budget consider the price of apartments in Grand Rapids vs East Lansing (or Detroit, Traverse City, etc.)?
The budget is based on average rent prices in East Lansing. Currently, East Lansing has one of the highest rents in the state.

What is included in the Transportation budget?

Gas/mileage, bus pass, travel home (average, varies based on residency).

Does it expect I already own a car that I’m not still paying for?

The transportation budget does not include monthly payments on an automobile.

Does it include money for gas?

Gas is included in medical student budgets, and varies based on the need for clinical travel in a particular year.

How many miles of travel a week are included?

The miles of travel included varies based on the need for clinical travel in a particular year.

What if I want to buy a book?  Is that accounted for?

The "Books/Instruments" category accounts for the purchase of books and supplies. If the amount needed for book and instruments exceeds the allotted amount, students may submit a Professional Judgment request in order to be evaluated for a budget increase.

How do I navigate funds for a new computer?

Contact an advisor for assistance with a one-time budget increase for a computer purchase.