Accepting Loans in the Financial Aid Portal

What is the Financial Aid Portal?

Loans can be accepted in the Financial Aid Portal. The Financial Aid Portal is accessed by logging into Student Information System and clicking the Financial Aid tile.

  1. Navigate to the Financials page and view financial award offer
  2. To take action on the displayed financial aid select one of the following:
    • Adjust my funding
    • Update Acceptance
  3. On Step 1 – Awards Summary, select the button stating “Start Loan Acceptance”
  4. On Step 2 – Accept your Awards, select one of the available options
    • Accepting the full amount of loans available
    • Accepting a reduced amount of the loans available ***Note: If you select this option you will be prompted to enter the total loan value for the year
    • Declining the full amount of the loans available
  5. On Step 3 – Confirm your awards selection the page will differ based on what is selected in step 2. At the end of each option, the student should select continue.
    • If you accepted the full amount, you can continue with the award allocation as shown or edit the amounts for each term to the full amount of the award selected in Step 2.
    • If you accepted a reduced amount, you’ll determine the split of the award for each term to equal the amount selected in Step 2.
    • ***Note: If the student has both subsidized and unsubsidized loans, they will be required to use the maximum amount of their subsidized loan available prior to funds being allocated to their unsubsidized loan.

    • If you declined the loan the possible options are:
      • If there is enough aid to cover cost of attendance you can continue to the next step.
      • If there is not enough aid to cover cost of attendance you will be prompted to return to previous steps to accept aid.
  6. On Step 4 - E-Sign, students must accept the econsent acknowledgement and sign the page using their student ID and last name
  7. On Step 5 – Done, students will receive confirmation of their loan actions