Summer Financial Aid

General information about summer sessions can be found on MSU's Summer Study website.

There is no separate summer application. Students will be processed for summer financial aid based on actual summer enrollment. Students with a FAFSA application for the current aid year will be considered for available financial aid.

Summer aid eligibility

Students must be admitted into an aid eligible program to receive summer aid.

Summer aid and study abroad

If you are planning to study abroad during the summer, you will need to check a box on your study abroad application requesting financial aid. That will notify us to process your aid for the summer semester.

Summer financial aid budget

Your summer aid is designed to meet the average financial aid budget for students of your grade level and residency. The costs covered include 6 credits of tuition and fees for undergraduates, or 6 credits for graduate students. All budgets assume enrollments from May through August.

While the budget is based on average expenses, your actual costs will differ depending upon your specific enrollment choices.

Summer disbursement

Summer enrollment periods vary throughout the session, since a course may last a few days or the entire summer. Summer aid disbursement cannot occur until 10 days prior to your first day of summer classes.

Students should finalize their schedules before their first day of class. Dropping courses after starting a course may result in a financial aid bill.