Scholarship Searches

Submit your FAFSA

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines your eligibility for many federal, state, institutional and private scholarships and grants. So even if you think your income is too high, it's always best to apply.

When to begin searching

The best time to start looking for scholarships and grants is during your sophomore or junior year of high school, but some opportunities may still be available for high school seniors and college students.

Begin with your own contacts

First, consider your interests, hobbies, jobs, and affiliations (and those of your parents), and begin your search in your own hometown. Check with your high school, clubs, service organizations or wherever you have demonstrated special talents and hard work. Find out if your parents' employers offer any educational benefits.

MSU Scholarships

You may be offered a scholarship through the Office of Admissions simply by applying to MSU. Current and prospective MSU students may also check:

  • MSU Scholarship Database: A comprehensive listing of scholarships offered by MSU. Many of these scholarships do not have applications and are awarded automatically by departments across campus.
  • Special Scholarship Links: Links related to study abroad, athletics, students with children, etc. Students in these situations may have unique scholarships available to them.

Scholarship search services

Expand your search by using online scholarship search services such as those listed below. Remember that you will need to submit your application materials directly to the awarding organization and meet all their requirements and deadlines.

Watch out for scams!

MSU does not endorse any scholarship service that charges a fee. Be wary of companies that guarantee results. No company can guarantee that you will get a scholarship.

Additional scholarship resources