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My financial situation has changed since I completed the FAFSA. How can I request a Professional Judgment?

While the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is intended to determine the amount a family can reasonably be expected to pay toward a student's college costs, circumstances occasionally arise that make the FAFSA data an inaccurate picture of family resources. A Professional Judgment (PJ) allows us to evaluate your current financial circumstances with the possibility of increasing your aid.

Some special conditions that may be reviewed:

  • Retirement of dependent student's parent
  • Death of dependent student's parent
  • Parent's loss of employment
  • Reduction of untaxed income (child support or Social Security income)
  • High unreimbursed medical expenses in the base year (the tax year reported on your FAFSA)
  • Circumstances that may complicate your dependency status
  • Additional education expenses not already included in the standard budget, such as child care for a child or dependent, computer costs, travel for educational conferences, or additional coursework.

How to request a Professional Judgment

Contact an advisor at the Office of Financial Aid to discuss whether you might benefit from completing a Professional Judgment form, which requires substantial documentation on your part.

There is also a PJ request form in your student portal, but contacting our office directly is the preferred method.