Non-Resident Students

A message for non-resident students and their families

Michigan State University is a state-supported university, serving both taxpayers of the state of Michigan and students from across the nation and world. Students coming from outside the state of Michigan pay higher tuition than resident students and often need to develop comprehensive financing strategies.

Families often believe that their student can become a Michigan resident and be charged the lower resident tuition rate after they have studied at MSU for a year. Our policy, as approved by the MSU Board of Trustees, does not grant resident tuition status to students who move to Michigan solely to pursue higher education.

We value non-resident students on our campus and encourage each student and family to give careful consideration to both financial costs during enrollment years and potential debt after graduation. Our Office of Financial Aid staff members can assist in reviewing options with students and their families.

Many non-resident financial aid packages include a federal parent loan recommendation which requires the borrower to be creditworthy. Parents with adverse credit who need to borrow to finance a Michigan State University education may face difficulties. They may need to seek direct financial support from family or friends, or find an eligible federal loan cosigner. If this is not possible, families should carefully consider whether MSU is a good financial fit.

Additional information

The Office of Admissions awards many scholarships based on your application for admission. In most cases, no additional forms are required for scholarship consideration.

Students are encouraged to submit their application for admission by November 1 for maximum scholarship consideration for the following fall semester. Additionally, there are several online resources designed to help locate potential scholarships from available sources.

Advisors in the Office of Financial Aid will be happy to discuss funding options with you and your family. Credit card payments and a deferred payment plan are available. See the Controller's Office web site for details.