Financial Support for Non-US Citizen Students

Our aim is to help all our students find the financial support to ensure success at Michigan State University. The Department of Education and State of Michigan have restrictions in place that require recipients of aid to be eligible U.S. Citizens which prohibits MSU from offering most resources available to students who are ineligible to file a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

While many federal and state financial aid resources are not available to non-US citizen students, many other organizations use the results of the incomplete FAFSA application to help determine eligibility for need and merit-based scholarships. Non-US citizens students can still file an incomplete FAFSA application which helps the Office of Financial Aid in maximizing financial aid opportunities for our non-US citizen students. To learn more about federal eligibility and tips for filing the FAFSA please visit the follow links:

To help increase financial support please visit the sites below for information about financial aid opportunities to help offset the cost of attendance at MSU.

Scholarships & Resources

Emergency Resources at MSU

Alternative Loan Providers

Other Information & Resources

MSU Office of Financial Aid

The MSU Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing support for our students who are ineligible for federal and state financial aid. Please contact our office for further questions and support about financial aid at:

Phone: 517-353-5940