Short Term Loans at MSU

Beware of payday loans

Consider carefully whether it's worth the cost to take out a "payday loan" to cover books or other expenses. You could pay as much as 391% interest!

For more information, please read these warnings from the State of Michigan and the FTC:

Short term loans offered by MSU

MSU Short Term Loans

Through the Office of Financial Aid, MSU provides low-interest short term loans (7% per year). Loans are usually granted in amounts up to:

  • $500 for undergraduate students
  • $1000 for graduate students
  • $1,500 for law students
  • $1,700 for medical students

Short term loans are available to students who are registered for the current semester and who can demonstrate the ability to repay within 60 days.

To apply for a Short Term Loan, please follow the navigation below:

  1. In the Student Account Portal, click in the Student Accounts tile.
  2. Choose Short Term Loans from the MSU Loans menu.
  3. Log in to StuInfo with the same log in info as the Student Accounts Portal.
  4. Select the Short Term Loan Application from the Loans Menu at the top.
  5. Review the terms and click Apply for a Short Term Loan.

If you meet the criteria, you will be instantly approved and have your funds direct deposited into your bank account.


Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) offers interest-free loans up to $300 through the 6th week of each semester (for undergraduate students only).

For more information, visit the ASMSU website.

COGS Loans

Through the Office of Financial Aid, the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) offers loans up to $500 to MSU graduate students. These loans are due in 60 days and are interest-free. COGS loans are administered solely by the Office of Financial Aid and all instructions, policies and conditions apply. To apply for a COGS loan you need to submit a paper Short Term Loan Application and specify that you want consideration for these funds.


MSU loans not paid by the due date result in a late fee and a hold on the student's account that prevents a student from enrolling or registering for classes, or from receiving an academic degree or transcript. The student must repay the loan in order to have the hold removed.

Payment options

Students may prepay all or any part of the loan at any time without penalty. There are three payment options available:

  1. Pay Online: ECSI is MSU’s third-party billing service provider. One-time or recurring payments can be set up on ECSI’s website.
  2. Payment drop boxes: Drop box is located outside room 110 of the Administration Building or use the campus mail mailbox in the Administration Building parking circle for check payments. Include your payment remittance from your most recently monthly bill from ECSI (a third-party billing service provider) with the payment and enclose in an envelope prior to placing in the drop box. Envelopes are located outside room 110. Checks should be made payable to Michigan State University.
  3. Mail your payment remittance on your most recent monthly bill with your payment to (checks need to be payable to Michigan State University):
    Michigan State University
    c/o Educational Computer Systems Inc
    PO Box 1287
    Moon Township, PA 15108