Degree Completion Requirement

Students may be ineligible for federal, state, and MSU financial aid if they have met all the requirements for their first degree, even if the student has not yet applied for graduation (conferral of the degree.)

The US Department of Education has established regulations which allow students to receive aid while completing requirements for their degree.  Once a student has completed all coursework required to graduate with a satisfactory GPA, the student is no longer eligible for aid for that degree.  This is true whether or not the student has applied for graduation.  Financial aid does not pay for coursework for a second major, a minor, or a specialization that is in addition to the requirements for the basic degree.

Students who have completed the coursework for their first degree will be notified via their MSU email accounts that they are no longer eligible for financial aid after the term in which they complete their degree requirements.

If the academic advisor finds that the student has not completed all requirements for the primary degree, the academic advisor should request this information be updated by the Office of Financial Aid by sending an email to explaining the course(s) the student must complete to fulfill the requirements.

If a student has been admitted to a second degree program, he or she will be eligible for financial aid consideration as a second undergraduate degree student.