Tuition and housing fees and student-voted taxes may be found in the Student Accounts section of the Controller's Office website.

The financial aid budget

Each year, the Office of Financial Aid determines a budget that projects average costs for tuition, fees, room and board, books and other expenses.

Several budgets are constructed to represent differences in student residency, academic level and program. Most budgets assume full-time attendance at the student's level. For more information on how enrollment levels affect aid eligibility, see our enrollment chart.

Students with additional costs not included in the financial aid budget may request an adjustment to their budget by speaking to one of our advisors. Additional costs that may qualify you for a budget increase include:

  • Day care for a child or dependent
  • Computer costs
  • Travel for educational conferences
  • Study Abroad
  • Additional coursework

For more information, please call or visit our office.

Budget vs. actual cost

While the budget is based on average expenses and can guide you in planning your year at MSU, you can obtain a closer estimate by calculating your own tuition and fees and other MSU charges using the cost calculator provided by the Controller's Office, as well as by estimating any additional money needed for books and personal expenses.