Staff Directory

If you have general questions about financial aid, please use the form on our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Albrecht, Halie - Financial Aid Assistant

Allen, Francine - Office Assistant IV

Anderson, Derek - Assistant Director

Arnold-Garcia, Amy - Assistant Director

Becerril, Sara - Financial Aid Advisor

Benbraham, Kelly - Financial Aid Advisor

Benton, Maura

Bird, Alan - Systems Analyst II

Cotton, Christy - Medical Aid Coordinator

Cummings, Miriam

Curran, Colleen - Systems Analyst

Ducap, Gerald - Financial Aid Advisor

Garcia, John - Financial Aid Director, MSU College of Law

George, Brittany - Financial Aid Assistant

Groce, David

Halliburton, Teresa - Medical Aid Coordinator

Havens, Bill - Systems Analyst

Hobma, Miriam

Hoffman, R. Jacob - Financial Aid Assistant

Hulbert, John

James, Sydney - Financial Aid Assistant

Kimball, Mary - Financial Aid Advisor

Krolak, Anthony - Assistant Director

Mardigian, Cara

McDougall-Smith, Leigh - Athletic Aid Coordinator

Meyers, Val - Associate Director

Murchison, Laura - Loan Specialist

Norde, David

Osborne, Cindy - Financial Aid Advisor

Patton, Angelene - Assistant Director

Peake, Traci - Financial Aid Assistant

Pung, Marcia - Loan Specialist

Rumsey, Marshall

Shappell, Jennifer - Financial Aid Advisor

Shipman, Rick - Executive Director

Sumpter, Cece

Thomas, Joaquina

Valenti, Dean - Information Technologist I

Waite, Melody - Financial Aid Advisor

Whitman, Cheryl - Assistant Director

Williams, Keith - Senior Associate Director

Wright, Narvella