Federal Stafford Loans Fall 2021

The processing of Federal Stafford Loans at MSU will change for all students in Fall 2021. Under the new approach, your annual loan amount will be available during the fall, spring and summer academic year.

Your financial aid loan offer will initially display your full school year loan eligibility as available in the fall and spring terms. If you attend summer and chose to not borrow your full eligibility in the fall and spring, those remaining loan funds will be available for the summer term. Students who borrow their full offer amount in the fall and spring are unlikely to have additional summer loan availability. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for further information about summer loan funding.

$5,500 Annual Dependent Freshman Borrowing Limit Example
$2,750 $2,750  $0$5,500
$1,500 $1,500  $2,500$5,500
$2,750 $0$2,750$5,500
$0 $2,750  $2,750$5,500
$0 $0  $5,500$5,500