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Credits & Loan Limits Per Grade Level

In order to advance to the next grade level, undergrads must earn a certain number of credits:

Grade Level Credits Required
Freshman 0-27
Sophomore 28-55
Junior 56-87
Senior 88 or more

For example, at the end of your first two semesters, you do not become a sophomore unless you have earned at least 28 credits (including transfer credits).

The amount of money you may borrow through the federal Direct Loan program depends on your grade level:


Subsidized + Unsubsidized

Dependent Freshman  $5,500 $3,500
Dependent Sophomore $6,500 $4,500
Dependent Junior/Senior $7,500 $5,500
Independent Freshman $9,500 $3,500
Independent Sophomore $10,500 $4,500
Independent Junior/Senior $12,500 $5,500
Graduate/Professional* $20,500 $0
Medical $40,500 $0
*The annual maximum for graduate students in selected clinical psychology majors may be increased to $31,000 depending upon financial need and cost of attendance.