September 11, 2015

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dropping courses

It is not unusual for a student to begin a course and find it is not the right fit for them and later drop the course. When this occurs it is important that they consider the impact dropping the course may have on their financial aid before they take any action.

For example, some grants and scholarships require full-time enrollment through the entire semester (such as Spartan Advantage and many scholarships from the Office of Admissions). If they drop the course and are no longer enrolled full-time they could receive a bill in the amount of the grant or scholarship that they would need to repay before the next semester begins. In other cases students receive a tuition refund back for dropping the course and no aid is changed. Dropping courses and financial aid can be very complicated and depends on when they drop the course and what financial aid they receive.

Students can contact the Office of Financial Aid to ask what would happen if they dropped a course. Typically if the student only receives student and parent loans and drop one course no bill is owed since loans are available as long as the student is enrolled half-time. If they have grants and scholarships we will look at the requirements for each grant and scholarship along with the number of credits they will drop to determine whether they will owe a bill or not after dropping the course.

Please note that if a student is considering withdrawing from all courses the Office of Financial Aid is not able to simulate what they may owe. This is handled through the MSU Student Accounts office.

computer grant

At this time we have awarded all of our MSU Computer Grant awards for 2015-2016. Students are able to request an increase in financial aid up to $600 to assist with the purchase of a computer, but the additional aid would be in the form of a loan.

student employment

We strongly recommend student employment instead of borrowing whenever possible for expenses. Students can find employment opportunities by visiting Career Services or Residential and Hospitality Services These are also great websites for students to visit who have been awarded work-study and are looking for employment.

important dates

September 21
- MSUFCU Course: Identity Theft, 6-7pm, South Neighborhood
September 22 - MSUFCU Course: Credit Education, 6-7pm, Brody Neighborhood
September 28 - End of Tuition Refund Period for Fall 2015 Courses

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