November 7, 2014

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study abroad

At times it can be confusing how financial aid applies to studying abroad. Some students that decide to study abroad for the entire semester and are enrolled full-time can receive the same amount of financial aid as they would if they were living on-campus attending classes. Study abroad programs vary in expense. Some are more expensive than a semester on-campus, and some are the same or less. There is a Frequently Asked Questions page about how Financial Aid and Study Abroad work together:

A common concern that we hear about is how federal financial aid cannot disburse until 10 days prior to the first day of classes for that semester, but they need to purchase airfare ahead of time. In some cases, if a student demonstrates that they have financial aid that will cover their full study abroad expenses and airfare, our office can provide a Short Term Loan to assist with the airfare expenses. This loan is due within 60 days of receipt and there is a small interest fee applied. For more information about Short Term Loans visit

college affordability

We have created a new webpage to provide tips on how to make college more affordable. Check it out to see how you can save money at

important dates

November 14th - Initial Spring Bills are created for Spring 2015
November 27th to November 28th - University is closed for the holiday
December 12th - Last day of finals for Fall 2014 (also last day to borrow a loan for Fall 2014 only)
December 12th - Minimum tuition and fee payments are due for Spring 2015.

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