May 23, 2014

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We will be submitting 2014-2015 Parent PLUS Loan applications for credit check decisions beginning in June. Credit check responses typically come back within a week after the application is submitted. You will be notified by Direct Loans whether your applications was approved or denied.

If you are denied you have options. The first option is a Parent PLUS Loan Replacement. This allows the student to receive either $4000 or $5000 additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan (depending on their grade level). Another option is to reapply with an endorser. Instructions on how to reapply with an endorser are included on the notification of the denied credit check. A third option is to appeal the credit denial. You can contact Direct Loans and request that they reconsider your application. Please note that if a PLUS Loan is approved or with a co-signer that you cannot receive the PLUS Replacement Loan simultaneously.

For more information on the Parent PLUS Loan process view a step by step video at:


If you are pursuing a private alternative loan (a loan from a lender other than the federal government) we encourage you to wait and apply after June 1st. Students who apply sooner than June 1st may have to reapply before the start of fall semester as their credit check is only good for a short period of time, such as 90 days.


We are beginning to send out Special Condition Applications (SCA) for those who qualify. Since the FAFSA is a "snapshot" of a family or student's household income on the date that they file it doesn't always take into consideration major life changes that occur after taxes are filed. The Special Condition Application allows us to take certain changes into consideration and adjust information on the FAFSA to give a more accurate financial picture and potentially increase a student's financial aid eligibility. Below are some of the circumstances that are considered:

  • Job Loss
  • Death in Family
  • Divorce
  • Itemized Medical/Dental Expenses (typically they would need to exceed $3000 for any impact to occur with financial aid)
  • One-Time Profit (lump-sum payments that increased income in 2013)

If you are experiencing one of the circumstances listed above please contact our office for an application. Some of the circumstances that we cannot make FAFSA changes for include debt or when a student already has a zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC).


The Office of Financial Aid's reception and advising area will be closed April 21st through August 1st and relocated to the Brody Neighborhood Engagement Center due to renovations.  The front reception area will be closed during construction and many advisors will be relocated during this time.

Our phones, e-mail, and social media will continue to be available during our regular business hours of 8:00am to 4:55pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00am to 4:55pm on Fridays.

We are looking forward to a new advising area that will provide more privacy for students and families coming in to discuss their educational financing options. Thank you for your patience as we improve this space.

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