July 18, 2014

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MSU Student Accounts will begin creating fall bills on July 19th. They can be viewed in StuInfo under "Billing Statements". Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the bill and financial aid:

  • Financial aid funds that MSU has already received will appear in the "Financial Aid" section on the bill.
  • Financial aid funds that MSU has not received yet will appear in the "Anticipated Financial Aid" section of the bill.
  • Federal financial aid such as Direct Student Loans, Pell Grant, SEOG, Parent PLUS Loans are not sent to MSU until 10 days prior to the beginning of each semester and will appear as anticipated financial aid.
  • Students that have a credit on their account will receive their refund the week of August 18th.
  • We recommend students set up direct deposit for refunds in StuInfo which is quicker and more secure than sending a paper check.
  • Be sure to pay close attention to the "Action Items" box on the bill.
  • Don't forget to click "Confirm Attendance" each semester in StuInfo.
  • Keep in mind that work study will not be applied to the bill. Students must earn their work study funds and are paid via a paycheck. Students can apply for jobs at:

Here is an example of a bill: We have put together a video of the billing and financial aid process at:


Scholarship checks should be sent to the Office of Financial Aid. The address is listed at the bottom of this email. Unless it is otherwise indicated on a letter enclosed with the scholarship check, the check will be divided equally between fall and spring semester. If the check is made out to the student and MSU, please have the student endorse the back of the check and write their PID in the memo field or on the back of the check under their signature. We will not be able to deposit the check if it is not endorsed. This helps to speed up the process and prevents further delays.


On average PLUS Loan applications take approximately one week to process this time of year since a credit check is required. If you decide that you would like to apply for a PLUS Loan be sure to apply at least one week prior to your bill due date.


The office renovations are going well. At this time we are planning to reopen approximately August 1st. Once we reopen our advisors will be moving from the Brody Neighborhood back to the Student Services Building. We thank you for working with us this very unique summer!

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Phone: 517-353-5940
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Walk-In Advising Hours:
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