August 15, 2014

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We are excited to welcome back students! You may see some of our staff assisting students and families during move-in on August 24th. The first day of class is August 27th.


When is my first Parent PLUS Loan payment due?

Parent PLUS Loans enters repayment once the loan is fully disbursed. For Parent PLUS Loans that are divided equally between fall and spring semester you will begin receiving payment requests around the end of January or early February since the loan is not "fully" disbursed until 10 days before the start of spring semester. Parents can request that the Parent PLUS Loan payments be deferred until after the student graduates or stops attending at least half time. Parents should contact their loan servicer to request a deferment. Here is a website with more information about Parent PLUS Loan repayment:

My bill never changes - how can I see what my new account balance is after I accepted a loan/made a payment/sent in a scholarship check, etc.?

Bills are a snapshot of your account the moment that they are created. To view a current account balance go to StuInfo and click Account Detail.

I was selected for verification and the Office of Financial Aid is asking for my tax return. Can I turn in my State of Michigan Tax Return?

We are required to collect a signed copy of your Federal 1040 Tax Return or a Federal Tax Return Transcript and copies of your W-2s . Unfortunately the State of Michigan Tax Return is not acceptable documentation. You can order a copy of your Federal 1040 Tax Transcript here.


Our renovations are complete! Our advisors have all moved back to Room 252 in the Student Services Building. We have had a lot of great feedback about our new space and our updated sign-in process.

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