September 6, 2013

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changing classes

Students considering adjusting their schedules after experiencing their first few days in a class should look into whether their aid will change if they change their class load.  Students who go from full time (12 credits or more for undergrads) to part-time should use this chart to help them understand whether a particular type of financial aid requires full-time enrollment or not:


A common question that we receive is "When will my work study be applied to my tuition bill?"

Work study is paid to you differently than a scholarship or grant. It is just like getting any job, except that your employer is getting reimbursed for a part of your salary.

The work-study award does not pay directly to your student account. You get paid through the employee payroll process as you work and earn throughout the year. You can use your earnings to pay part of your bill, or use it for your books or other costs. This means you will not have any work-study funds available to pay bills until after you have worked and received a pay check.

There are several advantages to having work study. You may find that certain departments on campus may only hire work study employees since part of their wages are paid through work study funds. The other benefit is that there is a question on the FAFSA that asks how much of your earnings were from work study. The FAFSA does not count your work study earnings towards your expected family contribution (EFC) so your earnings will not harm your ability to qualify for financial aid next year.

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