October 18, 2013

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ofa videos

Have you ever wondered how to set-up guest access on StuInfo or how to eConsent so that you can manage your financial aid online? We have added several video tutorials that walk you through these steps.

You can view our videos here:


financial aid in the news

6 tips to winning college scholarships

If your teenager has contemplated looking for private college scholarships, now is a good time to search. Read more here.

important dates

November 9th

Initial tuition bills for Spring 2014 charges will be available to view in StuInfo.

November 15th

If you have not accepted your fall federal loans and think you still might, we recommend that you accept them prior to November 15th. The reason is due to a change that will occur on December 1st in which the origination fee will increase for all federal loans including Parent PLUS Loans. This will not affect federal loans that are split between fall and spring semester. The rates for Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans will go from 1.051% to 1.072% and the rates for PLUS Loans will go from 4.204% to 4.288%.

December 6th

Initial minimum tuition and fee payments are due

December 13th

This is the last day of exams and also the last day to accept a fall only federal loan.

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