July 25, 2013

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Why isn't my loan appearing on my bill?

Since a loan is something that has to be paid back after graduation, the Office of Financial Aid does not automatically apply a loan to a student's bill. Student's will need to log into, click Financial Aid (Check Your Aid), and carefully complete Step 1 through 5. These three actions are the most important to ensure that your loan is applied to your account: accept your loan in StuInfo, complete entrance counseling, and complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN). All three of these steps must be completed in order for the loan to be officially applied to your bill.

Did you get my scholarship check?

When our office receives a scholarship check we add it to your financial aid award. You will receive an e-mail to your MSU e-mail account with the subject line "MSU Financial Aid Award Notification". This will direct you to StuInfo. You will want to click "Financial Aid (Check Your Aid)". You will see the scholarship applied on your account. It may have a generic name such as "Donor Award", "High School Scholarship", etc. You can also view "Account Detail" in StuInfo to see the scholarship credited to your account.

We typically divide a scholarship equally between fall and spring semester unless the donor indicates we should apply it to one semester only.




Senate Back Student-Loan Bill

"WASHINGTON—The Senate ended a lengthy battle over student-loan interest rates, passing a bipartisan measure to revamp how borrowing costs are set for millions of college students..." Read more here


FA Videos

Check out our Financial Aid Video Library at We will continue to add new videos weekly.

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