Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship

The Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship is for nontraditional domestic students (U.S. Citizens) who have had to interrupt their degree studies for a significant amount of time and can demonstrate financial need.

Individual scholarships cover a portion of tuition (undergraduate or graduate) for up to three semesters at MSU and its regional centers. Specifically, scholarships cover up to five credits for the first two awards and up to 12 credits for the third award. Additionally, each awardee could also receive a $500 book/educational support allowance.

A limited number of scholarships has been available each year since the program began in 1974. All monies for these scholarships are donated.

Applying for the fellowship

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester - July 15
Spring Semester - October 15
Summer Session - April 15
**(please disregard the Women's Resource Center deadline dates)**

The application is designed to help us become acquainted with you: who you are and why you want a university degree, your financial and personal needs, and your goals and dreams for life after graduation. Decisions about awards are based on the content of the applications. Take the necessary time to complete the application carefully and legibly.

You will be notified by e-mail first, letter second, and award winners are required to write a thank you note before the scholarship will be applied to their account.