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Foster Youth Alumni Services

When you enroll for a service here, your request and personal information will be shared with a representative of the office that provides that service. They will contact you to arrange for the service you request. Please note that if you enroll in multiple services, you will be contacted separately by each provider office.

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Help finding Student Employment [ Details about Student Employment...]
Help with Financial Aid [Details about Financial Aid...]
Tutoring assistance for MSU classes [Details about Tutoring assistance...]
Support for students with health/mental health concerns [Details about health concerns...]
Support for students with housing issues or concerns [Details about housing issues or concerns...]
Help for students in resolving conflicts or disputes regarding university policies [Details about ombudsman support...]
Mentee Mentoring application and information [Details about mentee and mentoring application...]
Care package program information [Details about care package program...]
Off campus resources information [Details about off campus resources...]
Child care assistance information [Details about child care resources...]
Other assistance [please specify below...]

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