Computer Requirement

What is the computer requirement?

All undergraduate students at Michigan State are required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet using a high-speed connection.

Note: If you are a graduate student whose program requires a computer or technology purchase, you may consider contacting the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your circumstances with an advisor.

What financial assistance is available?

Incoming students can include the cost of purchasing a computer, a monitor, and peripherals in their financial aid budget, up to the recommended amount of $600. The student must file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for grant or federal student loan funds. All students will receive at least a portion of their increase in loan funds.

Students who do not require assistance in their first year automatically reserve that eligibility for future years, as long as their future financial circumstance warrants and future financial aid regulations permit.

How to request financial assistance

Increases will be processed only for eligible admitted students who have a complete financial aid application on file for the proper aid year. To apply, contact our office and ask to speak to an advisor about a budget increase to purchase a computer. You may need to provide one or more of the following:

  • Purchase order
  • Quote
  • Receipt

If your program of study requires a computer system costing more than $600, you will have to submit supporting documentation from your academic advisor in addition to the above to have the higher amount considered for approval.

How to purchase a computer from MSU

Students may choose to purchase the computer through the MSU Computer Store or at an off-campus store of their choice.

MSU Computer Store representatives will be at the summer Academic Orientation Program (AOP) Fair to discuss computer options. The Computer Store stocks computers from Apple and Dell, so students can make their purchase while on campus for AOP, and take the computer home when you leave. The Computer Store also offers Adobe and Microsoft software for 75% off retail for MSU students.

How financial assistance will be paid

All financial aid funds, including increases for computer cost, are applied to the student account at the normal time of disbursement (ten days before classes begin). Only financial aid that exceeds the charges on the bill (tuition, fees, housing, etc.) will be refunded to the student. This means there will be no refund in cases where university charges equal or exceed the total financial aid.

Other options

Students who need temporary financial assistance in combination with, or instead of, the options listed above for computer purchase can apply for an MSU Short Term Loan after becoming registered. Eligibility to use that program for this purpose will be based on standard policy, as stated on the Short Term Loan application, including MSU financial standing and intended method of repayment.